What is data, Information and Opreation?


What is Data, Information and opration?


A data base is a repository of information linked to an object that may be analyzed to produce valuable information. Data is an asset in an organization because it gives managers the tools they need to execute management tasks successfully.Making smarter decisions now will help you in the future. It provides a view of previous activities (increase and fall).Reports, graphs, statistics, and other pertinent data can also be generated using it.


Information is the product of generated and processed data, such as the percentage of students’ results. All of the data, figures, or results of a computational operation are referred to as this.


Opreation is the process of manipulating data (after capturing it from many sources) to achieve the desired results. Raw data that is used for this purpose is processed using software (a program).

These can be divided into three categories:

Data Coapturing: Before being processed, data must first be recorded or otherwise obtained. Data might be directly entered into devices or first recorded on a source paper. The following operations can then be carried out on the collected data. Organizing data into classes or groups is known as classifying. Predetermined codes that can be numeric, alphabetic, or alphanumeric may be allocated to items.

Calculations: Data manipulation using arithmetic. Sorting: Data is put into a logical order (either alphabetically or numerically).

Summary: A great deal of information is condensed into a more manageable and useful form.

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